Clinically Supervised ABA Therapy in Greater Toronto

Funded by the Ontario Autism Program

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At Home ​​Treatment for Autism


About Us

Our Mission

Building better lives for our clients through a comprehensive, collaborative and individualized approach to behavior modification within the home and community.

​York Aba Therapy was established to meet the needs of children affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder within their home and community environment.  Our therapists adhere to a child and family focused approach to treatment that targets functional skills in a manner that is fun, motivating and rewarding for the client.  Therapy programs are developed and administered in accordance with Ontario Autism Program guidelines.

Behaviour Invention based on the principles of Applied Behavioural Analysis is provided under the supervision of a BCBA Clinical Supervisor who works collaboratively with family members and the client to specifically tailor services to their needs.  Aba services are provided at clients’ homes, day care facilities, schools and locations in the community.  Prior to starting service, our BCBA will come to the home for a complimentary family meeting and consultation.

We offer a range of aba services including:

- assessment

- planning and goal setting 

- parent training

- consultation at the client's home, daycare facility or school

- direct therapy at the child's home, daycare or school

- home schooling programs

Contact us for further information or to arrange a complimentary consultation at your home.

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