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Effective one to one therapy in  a natural learning environment.

Aba at Home is a popular choice for parents seeking effective one to one therapy for their child.  Home based treatment offers parents a level of transparency, flexibility and direct involvement in their child's therapy that is not available in centre based programs.  Direct one to one instruction at home allows children to master learning objectives more rapidly and generalize new skills in their natural environment with greater ease.

What is ABA

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Applied Behavior Analysis is a systematic and evidence-based methodology for teaching skills, reducing problem behaviors and enhancing the social and academic life of a an individual. It is a comprehensive way to teach children and adults skills that help them gain independence and self-confidence. These newfound abilities often include academics, self-help skills, language and communication, fine and gross motor development , as well as social skills.

ABA also aims to reduce any problem behaviors that an individual may have by teaching them socially appropriate replacement behaviors. 

ABA has proven to be a successful teaching model for people who have autism. The targeted skills are systematically broken down into their individual components and taught at an individualized pace in succession. Once the learner shows mastery of each skill, he or she moves into a more natural setting so that these newly acquired skills can be generalized and apply to his or her daily life and functioning.  

ABA is widely recognized as a safe and effective intervention, and is supported by decades of peer-reviewed research in profession, scientifically respected psychology and medical journals. 

ABA Therapy is funded by the Ontario Autism Program for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  For further information about aba therapy at home or to schedule a complimentary consultation

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Consultation, assessment BCBA clinical supervision and and direct intervention at your home.

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Therapy is based on clinical expertise and research that has been proved to be effective.

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