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School Readiness

Parents often assume their child on the spectrum will improve once they start school, have more exposure to other children and receive support from a class room education assistant.  While some improvement may be apparent, the public school system does not provide one to one education based on aba principles which have proven to be most effective in teaching children with autism.  Mere exposure to other children does not automatically help a child on the spectrum learn the required communication skills, social skills, play skills and perspective taking skills required to fit in and be accepted by their peers. The proper acquisition of school readiness skills requires step by step guidance and practice within a structured therapy setting before a child may be ready to learn and function within the classroom at their true potential.  Therefore, a significant amount of valuable learning and early intervention time can be wasted when a parent opts to send their child to full time school over receiving intensive aba treatment.

York ABA Therapy offers school readiness programs to help children on the spectrum acquire the precursory skills they need before they are ready to learn, function and participate within the classroom setting.  Half day and full day aba therapy programs are available in greater Toronto to better prepare your child for school.

Individualized Education Plan

& Academic Support

Whether a child has a ADHD or Autism Spectrum Disorder, difficulties with paying attention in class, processing spoken language, understanding the language of instruction and executive functioning can significantly impact on a child's ability to learn and function at school.  Without direct one to one instruction and support children on the autism spectrum fall further and further behind their peers with the passage of time.

York ABA Therapy offers individualized academic support and home schooling programs to help students meet their academic potential in learning, reading, literacy and math.  Contact us for more information regarding our half day or full day home schooling programs in the greater Toronto area.

We offer at home ABA Therapy Services in North York, East York, Etobicoke, Scarborough, Pickering, Ajax, Richmond Hill, Markham and Vaughan.

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Aba Therapy at Home

York ABA Therapy is a popular choice for parents in the greater Toronto area seeking effective one to one therapy for their child.  Home based treatment offers parents a level of transparency, flexibility and direct involvement in their child's therapy that is not available in centre based programs.  Direct one to one instruction at home allows children to master learning objectives more rapidly and generalize new skills in their natural environment with greater ease.

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Play & Social Skills

Many children on the Autism Spectrum struggle with eye contact, social skills and interactive play.  They often prefer watching tv, playing on a tablet or solitary play over interactive play activities that involve sharing, turn taking, structured play routines, pretend play or role play.  Since much of their time is spent 'in their own world' and playing alone rather than interacting with others, they do not learn language, develop  socially or benefit from daycare or school in the same manner as typically developing children.  Joint attention, play and social skills are precursors to language development. Therefore, when social and play skills are impaired, the development of other skills such as language comprehension and expressive communication is hindered as well. 

York ABA Therapy offers programs in greater Toronto that focus on teaching children the joy of social interaction, functional play and interactive play.  Particular emphasis is given to teaching the necessary turn taking, play language and step by step play routines that need to be in place before a child is ready to practice and generalize these skills with other children during play dates or at school.

​​​What is ABA?

Applied Behavior Analysis is a systematic and evidence-based methodology for teaching skills, reducing problem behaviors and enhancing the social and academic life of a an individual. It is a comprehensive way to teach children and adults skills that help them gain independence and self-confidence. These newfound abilities often include academics, self-help skills, language and communication, fine and gross motor development , as well as social skills.  ABA also aims to reduce any problem behaviors that an individual may have by teaching them socially appropriate replacement behaviors. 

ABA has proven to be a successful teaching model for people who have autism. The targeted skills are systematically broken down into their individual components and taught at an individualized pace in succession. Once the learner shows mastery of each skill, he or she moves into a more natural setting so that these newly acquired skills can be generalized and apply to his or her daily life and functioning.  

ABA is widely recognized as a safe and effective intervention, and is supported by decades of peer-reviewed research in profession, scientifically respected psychology and medical journals.

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